2025 Texoma 330 -12 Pressure Digger Drill Rig For Rent

Pressure Diggers For Rent, Texoma 330, Auger Drill Truck Rentals.

Sarasota, Florida
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Truck Specifications

Pressure Diggers For Rent, Texoma 330, Auger Drill Truck Rentals.

**Texoma 330-12**  
- 12’ Digging Depth  
- John Deere Diesel Motor  
- Automatic Transmission  
- Shaft Drive Drill System  
- 240° Degree Turntable Rotation  
- 36” Extendable Frame Travel  
- 25,700 lb Hydraulic Crowed Force  
- 52,588 ft-lb Rotary Torque  
- 72” Auger Max  
- 10,000 lbs Service Winch  
- Telescopic Pole Setter  
- 2 Hydraulic Outriggers  
- Water System  
- Automatic Transmission

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Sarasota, Florida  
Contact Us: (941) 685-1899  

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Unit Specifications

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Location: Palmetto, Florida

Condition: Rental

Year: 2025

Make: Texoma 330-12

Model: Pressure Digger Drill Rig For Rent

Chassis: Peterbilt

Transmission: Allison Automatic

Fuel Type: Diesel

Status: Available